About Nazaha

Established in 2013, Nazaha is a national campaign that aims to increase awareness of our legal and human right to information.

It supports civil society to defend and promote that right, ensures that citizens and civil society organisations across Jordan are aware of how to exercise that right; and monitors the application of the law to ensure that citizens are receiving equitable access to that right.

Through working with local and national partners across Jordan to promote awareness of the right to information, Nazaha aims to ensure that Jordanians are empowered to participate fully in ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity at local and national levels. To this end, the Nazaha Team is working with civil society organisations across the Kingdom to implement grassroots projects to support local communities to access the information that is important to them; to provide training and capacity building workshops to individuals and organisations to empower them to participate in the movement for free information; as well as to build understanding and awareness amongst citizens through a series of street, mall and social media campaigns.

To find out more about events and projects that may be taking place in your area, please visit the Events Calendar