From Whom Can I Request Information?
In line with the law, a Jordanian citizen may request information from a relevant official department. In this instance a ‘department’ should be regarded as the relevant Ministry, Department, Commission, any other official public institution, or a private company that manages a public utility.
What Information Can I Request?
You may submit a request for information about a topic in which you have a valid, or legitimate, interest. Unfortunately, the burden of proving a legitimate interest falls on to you, the applicant, and so whilst you will of course have a valid reason for your request, it may be that the relevant officials considers otherwise. There is also an extensive list of the kinds of information you may not request.

  • The secrets and documents protected under any other legislation.
  • Documents classified as confidential and protected, which are obtained by an agreement with another country.
  • The secrets of national defence or national security of the country or its foreign policy.
  • Information that includes analysis or recommendations, suggestions or consulting provided to the Official before a decision is taken thereon and includes correspondence and information exchanged between various government departments around.
  • Information and personal files related to the educational, medical or employment records of persons, accounts or bank transfers or professional secrets.
  • Correspondence of personal and confidential nature, whether postal, telegraphic or telephone or through any other technical means, with government departments and the answers.
  • Information the disclosure of which may influence the negotiations between the Kingdom and any country or other.
  • Investigations by the General Prosecutor or judicial police or security departments on any crime or case within its competence, as well as investigations by the competent authorities to detect financial, customs, or bank irregularities unless authorized by the competent authority to disclose.
  • Information of commercial or industrial or financial or economic nature, or information on tenders and scientific research or technology that the disclosure of which may breach copyright and intellectual property or fair and legitimate competition, or lead to illegal profit or loss for anyone.
  • Information that bears the stamp of religious or racial or ethnic discrimination or discrimination because of color or gender.
How Can I Request Information?
You should submit your request to the relevant official department (Ministry, Department, Commission, any other official public institution, or a private company that manages a public utility) in writing.

  • It is necessary that you include the following information in your request:
  • Your name
  • Your home address
  • The name and address of your place of work
  • The subject of the information you are requesting (be sure that you are accurate, clear and concise in your description of the subject matter)

You can submit your own letter that addresses the above points. Alternatively, you may submit an information request via the Information Commissioner / National Library website.

When submitting your request, be sure to include a copy of your official identification, such as your ID card or passport.

Can I Request Information on Behalf of an Organisation?
Yes, you may request information either as a private individual, or as a representative of an organisation.The procedure for requesting information on behalf of an organisation is the same as listed above, however, you will additionally need to provide a supporting letter from the organisation that states what information you are requesting, your reason for requesting it, and what you intend to do with the information once received.
What Happens After I Have Submitted My Request?
Once you have submitted your request for information, the relevant department should contact you within 30 days, from the day after you submitted your request. However, if, following the 30 day period, you have not received an answer to your request; you can interpret this silence as confirmation that your request has been rejected. Note, that in accordance with the law, you as the applicant must bear the cost of the photocopying of the required information. However, you are entitled to up to 10 pages of paper free of charge, if there are more than 10 pages. If the information is kept in a way that it is impossible to photocopy or copy, you are entitled to view the information.
What Happens If My Request Is Rejected or I Want to Make a Complaint?
If your request is rejected, if you did not receive a response in the 30 day period, or if you feel that you have not received the information to which you are entitled, you may file a complaint against the Official to the Council through the Information Commissioner/ Director General of Department of the National Library.
You can contact the Information Council via the following methods:
Email: ic@nl.gov.jo
Fax: 5662 865
Telephone: 5662 845 – 5662 854 (ext. 5012)
What is Nazaha?
Nazaha is a national campaign that aims to increase awareness of our legal and human right to information. It supports civil society to defend and promote that right, ensures that citizens and civil society organisations across Jordan are aware of how to exercise that right; and monitors the application of the law to ensure that citizens are receiving equitable access to that right.
Can my Organisation Become a Partner in the Campaign?
Yes! Nazaha is proud to be a diverse collective of local, national and international organisations each working to promote integrity, transparency and accountability in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
As a group of civil society organisations from across Jordan as well as from the international community, we will always welcome new members. Whether your organisation is experienced in working towards transparency and good governance, or whether your organisation has little experience in this area but would like to become more involved, we look forward from hearing from you. To express your interest in joining Nazaha, please complete this short form.* Required fields

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